1. Expertise of the medicine's quality and correspondence to the specification, which is carried out for the purposes of state registration,

  2. Laboratory quality analysis of imported (also as donation) and exported medicines,

  3. Control of the quality of medicines and other pharmaceutical products sampled during inspections of pharmacies or wholesalers,

  4. Laboratory analysis of medicines and substances by the request of the RA State Administration bodies,

  5. Examination of quality and safety of food,

  6. Bioequivalence study.


The laboratory was awarded with a certificate on quality managment system ISO 9001-2000 by Swiss SGS Company in 2003.

The laboratory takes part in the proficiency test which is held by World Health Organization (WHO) and International Federation of Pharmacists (FIP). 

According to the warrant of acreditation board of December 30, 2008 the laboratory was given the right of performing food quality and biosafety control. 

The laboratory was awarded with a certificate on quality management new system ISO 9001-2008 by “Quality Austria” International Company in December 2010. 

«Analytical laboratory» branch of  the «Scientific Centre of Drug and Medical Technologies Expertise after Academician E. Gabrielyan» CJSC on 21.04.2016 was accredited with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 international standard in quality expertise in the field of pharmaceutical testing (Certificate number AT-2043).






Tigran Davtyan

Pharmacist,  Medical Doctor of Biological Science



Anna Prazyan

Chemist, Candidate of Technical Science

Komitas 49/4, Yerevan, 0051, Republic of Armenia

Phone: Fax: (+374 10) 280733, (+374 10) 237261

E-mail: ,



  1. Republic of Armenia Law "On Medicines"

  2. Decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia N 347 of April 25, 2001

  3. Decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia N 581 of September 20, 2000

  4. Order оf the MoH оf the RA N123-N of 07.02.2006, on approving «The order of conducting expert examination of medicines with purpose of state registration in the RA, the table of minimum quantity of submitted samples of medicines attached with application, the conclusion form of the examination of а medicine with the purpose of registration, the form and description of the state registration certificate, the list of changes of medicines registered in the Republic of Armenia that do not require new registration”.

  5. 11 August, 2005, N1217-N decree of the government of the Republic of Armenia on the foundation of a state licensed body on monitoring the import of foods (honey) having organic origin